Electronic Arts Opens Sports Portal


Electronic Arts, the mega-publisher behind the Madden and FIFA franchises, has opened a mobile portal for sports and gaming news. The new service currently offers RSS feeds for sports fans and a catalog of stuff to buy, such as ring tones, but what interests us is the promised future ability to challenge people to live games via the cell. If there’s one thing that could blow cell gaming wide open, it would be playing sports games with friends via an easy to navigate portal interface.

Currently available only on Cingular, the new EA service (EA Sports Link) is designed to cater to sports fans, which, as we all know, is a big audience. EA has added sports updates via ESPN to most of their network enabled games and, of course, anything that they slap the name Madden or Tiger Woods on will make money, but can it actually deliver something beyond current offerings? If Sports Link can manage to be a good source of sports information and offer easy ways to play games against your friends, then it’s definitely going to be big. We’ll see, though, when it rolls out to other networks across the country and game content is added.

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