jkOnTheTwitter is live!


JKotr Twitter Kevin jumped on it first
me into getting on it

Dave has posted that the jkOnTheTwitter feed is live, so if you’re a Twitter fan you can add the new feed and follow our posts there. Thanks Dave!



Check out Twittervision, I did a post on it the other day…

Global Twitter messages, graphically portrayed!

Kevin C. Tofel

I noticed that the posts were repeating; I call them “hiccups in the river” and I let Dave know about them this morning. He’s looking into it because we don’t want to repeat ourselves. He’s looking into it because we don’t want to repeat ourselves. Hey, wait a second….


i tried it, but my twitter page got swamped with all the news! so i’ve just stuck with receiving jkontherun using bloglines…that way I get to see pics as well :) great idea tho :)

James Kendrick

Chris, that’s because Dave Winer calls these Twitter rivers.

Jeremy, no worries on that front. The Twitter river just pulls our headlines from the RSS feed itself. We don’t even have to think about it which is why it’s great.

Jeremy Toeman

Just please make sure you keep the good content here – there’s a whole bunch of us who are choosing NOT to pick up yet another technology that seems to only exist for technology’s sake. You already have a blog, you already have RSS, and that’s all I’m ever subscribing to…

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