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Monster Outlets to Go 003It’s a common scenario, you check into the hotel on your business trip and set up your gear on the little desk they have provided to meet your traveling computing needs.  Unfortunately, you have more power plugs then they have outlets so you either pull out the big, bulky power strip you brought with you or you stagger what you plug in at any one time.  On the last OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast Marc Orchant mentioned a mobile power strip he is using from Monster, the folks who make all those audio/ video cables.  I checked out his recommendation online during the show and was so impressed I ordered one while we were still recording.  Having used the Monster Outlets to Go mobile power strip on my recent trip to Seattle I want to share my thoughts on this accessory that rapidly became one of the most useful ones I brought with me.

The Monster Outlets to Go power strip provides four grounded outlets that are spaced far enough apart that you can plug in any adapter without covering up the other outlets and rendering them unavailable.  The design has two outlets on each side of the unit so even though the strip is very small and thin you can fill all four outlets up with ease.  Monster incorporated an ingenious transport method by designing the plug to be very low profile and making the power cord very flat.  The cord wraps around the strip for transport and once you plug the strip into the outlet you have a self-contained package for traveling.  The whole thing takes up very little room and easily fit into the cable stash I use on trips.

Monster Outlets to Go 004

The head of the plug glows blue to indicate the outlets are receiving power and the integrated circuit breaker protects the precious gear you plug into the strip, just like any of the big strips.  I used the Monster in my hotel room and it was a joy to be able to plug in everything I needed, even though some of my adapters are big and bulky and usually block a needed outlet when plugged in.  No worries in that regard with the Monster Outlets to Go.  I left my Monster in the hotel room while out during the day but Marc brought his to the conference rooms this week and scored some points by providing outlets for 3 of his friends.  This power strip is the perfect solution for mobile power needs and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It’s only $19.95 on the Monster online store and comes in black, white, and silver so if your need for aesthetics extends into the accessory category they have you covered.  If you travel and need a mobile power strip just go buy this product.  You will thank me each and every trip you make.

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I use a Belkin travel surge protector much like that one. It only has two outlets, but I prefer knowing that noisy hotel electrical outlets are less likely to damage my expensive electronics.

Marc Orchant

So James – does that mean you’re going to thank *me* on every future trip? ;^)

Dave – this is far more useful than a splitter because the outlets allow room for some of the really dumb power plugs devices come with these days and thanks to the circuit breaker. And I have made friends in the airport with the Monster Outlets to Go strip.

Dave Watts

Instead of this, just go to your local hardware store and pick up a three-way outlet splitter. It’s a cube (roughly) about an inch and a half in length, with a grounded plug and three grounded outlets along its sides. It’s much smaller than this, and gets you to the same place. Plus, you can instantly make friends at the airport!

Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

Steven Wong

Everyone? I don’t think I really need 4 outlets for a Smartphone :)

It’s the only thing I need when out and about. If I bring a full system, I end up either playing games or doing a lot more browsing than is actually needed.

Jayson Billington

I haven’t bought it yet but already I am going to thank you. This is a fantastic product that EVERYONE must buy.

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