You CAN run Vista on the eo i7210


CIMG0063I don’t know what magic the UMPC team at Microsoft performed but as you can see in these photos they have enabled the full TIP experience on the eo i7210. More photos after the jump.





Well, I have talked to some members of the Origami Team about Vista running in some of their devices and they said to me that in some of them they had and have the same problems with drivers that we are currently having. So this is why I said, that I have friends with Vista running but they still have problems. That could be the case in those devices from Origami Team.

Kelvin Yong

I last tried installing Vista 2 weekends ago and it went alright. however it doesn’t sleep/hibernate or shut down. And the lack of SD card reader does hinder my full usage.

What I like to know is how did Kevin get his installation milady and using it fulltime? (or does he?)

At the moment, Vista on i7210 is more of a gimmick and joke. Bearing the “Windows Vista Capable” label is a real joke and disappointment. :-(

David Tieman

Ya i have been wanting to upgrade my i7210 to vista, and keep waiting for table kiosk to release the drivers. I use mine daily and can’t afford to loose functionaly just for the sake of vista.


guess that’s the difference between running it…and running it, and being useable.

just my 2c.


I have a few friends of mine using Vista in their i7210. They have problems with the web camara and the card reader. And they have problems sometimes coming back from Hibernation.

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