Reelights: friction-free human powered bike lights


ReelightsAs an avid cyclist with Lance Armstrong Underoos, the Reelight Bike Lights have a certain appeal to me. I love the idea of lightweight head- and tail-lights for my Trek but I don’t want to replace batteries, nor do I want to add any friction to my ride by self-powering the lights with some mechanism dragging me down. The Reelight’s ought to solve my problem (the lights problem, not my choice of briefs problem) because they use magnetic induction to power the LED-based lights. Using four magnets on the spokes of your ride, the Reelights can last longer than the Energizer bunny if you’ve got the strength to keep pedaling. Not a bad deal for a tad over $50.

(via OhGizmo!)



Okay, am I the only jerk who reads the phrase “Lance Armstrong Underoos” and wonders how they’re shaped?

Chris K

Not bad, but two things:

1) They’re not zero-friction, there’s going to be resistance based on the magnetic attraction of the components. It’s certainly better than a rim generator.

2) If you want to power accessories from your bike, look into a Shimano hub generator. It operates on the same principles, but is integrated into the hub of your wheel, so you can run power for anything you’d like, including lights, a trip computer, etc.

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