Outlook users- Microsoft wants your help


CIMG0049The Outlook Program Manager for Microsoft sat down with a small group of MVPs in Redmond and had us show him some ways that Outlook could be more pen friendly for Tablet PC users.  I apologize for not catching his name but you can see him in the photo with Rob Bushway as Rob showed him some things that are more difficult to do with a pen than they should be.  One thing that came across very clearly from this conversation is that Microsoft is very interested in making Outlook more pen-friendly since the PM is an enthusiastic tablet user himself.  Rob has started a thread on the forums at GottaBeMobile that the PM has promised to follow where tablet users can voice their desires for making Outlook work better with pen (and touch) input.  Here’s your chance folks, Microsoft doesn’t solicit this kind of input very often so get over there and put in your two cents.


John Gibson

If they want to make things better they ought to buy TEO and integrate the functionality into Outlook.

Mike Cane

Warning: rant!

This is the stuff that really gets into my hair follicles. Doesn’t ANYONE at these damned companies USE THEIR PRODUCTS LIKE THEIR CUSTOMERS?!!? I don’t understand how they can be so fekkin ignorant! They’re SUPPOSED to be frikkin SMART, according to what I’ve read of MS’s hiring practices. Why don’t they hire some damned USER CONSULTANTS? Giving them FREE advice just makes me sick.

Tax Man

I’m sorta “getting over” Microsoft Outlook. I lived in it when I worked for Big Accounting Firm and I started out my own practice using it because I was used to it, even though I use a POP mail account for my email. I’ve grown tired of the amount of computing resources and hard drive space that Outlook consumes. I’ve long had a GMail account that I’ve used as backup. I’m experimenting with going all GMail all the time. So far, so good.

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