New Asus convertible UMPC emerges, the T83?

Asus_umpcUltraMobileLive has some official pics of a new Asus mobile device, possibly dubbed the T83. The unit looks similar in form factor to the Fujitsu P1610 as it includes a swivel screen and full keyboard. UML has a few more pics and the promise of more specifications early next week. This is the same device reported by Steve here and Engadget here; Engadget shares some specs but let’s see what we hear from UML next week. In the meantime, I’ve got some initial impressions and observations after the jump.

  • I’m hoping the screen size is at least 6-, if not 7-inches and we see a native resolution equal to the Samsung Q1 Ultra, i.e.: 1024 x 600. I’m not a fan of the large bezel around the screen just yet. Engadget indicates this is the same 7-inch, 800 x 480 screen that we have on the current Asus UMPC.
  • On the flipside, a larger bezel can make for plenty of hardware buttons and there appear to be quite a few. Curious to see what hear about those.
  • Looks like only one speaker; wish we could cram two in there.
  • I think I can see two microphone inputs at the bottom of the screen; if that’s right, that’s awesome!
  • I do see a VGA out on the back, which I consider a must on a device like this. Sweet!
  • The device is definitely touch-enabled, not an active digitizer; some may not like that but touch works for me and it keeps the cost down of the unit.
  • Speaking of costs: depending on the specs (we know it will run a Via processor), I think this device will have to come in under the P1610 in terms of price to be competitive. It may do OK at the same price, but I’m not sure about any pricing over the P1610, unless there’s a compelling feature that Fujitsu doesn’t offer (and I’m not sure there is one)

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