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Glophone, dead phone calling

glophone_dudes.jpgOkay – this is just plain spooky: a few minutes after we published our Tello obit, a sharp reader emailed us to let us know that another VoIP service provider, GloPhone has gone the way of the rotary. Their website says that company closed its doors on March 13, 2007. Not surprising since their parent, TheGlobe has had its own set of issues. One of the frothiest dot-com version one companies, it has somehow managed to survive. They were once again KO-ed, when MySpace sued them, successfully for spamming MySpace users. (Full story on GigaGamez)

In 2003, confirmed the Internet’s power to connect people worlds apart with Voice Over Internet Protocol. Unfortunately, after 4 amazing years, has closed its doors on March 13, 2007.

We remember getting hounded by their PR firm, but always remained skeptical of their chances.

3 Responses to “Glophone, dead phone calling”

  1. I remember when VoiceGlo (nee Glophone) launched (reading it on your site, natch), I thought that there was some “not right” about them because of the parent company.

    A marketing firm launching a VoIP client just seemed fraught with abuse (like telemarketing calls from hell).