EDGE getting 3x faster….in 2009


Ericsson_logoLet’s not be too hasty to write EDGE off in this day of EV-DO and HSDPA, shall we? PhoneScoop tells us to hold tight because Ericsson is working on a software optimization method that could speed up EDGE to around 1 Mbps on the downside by 2009. EDGE Evolution could gain widespread usage considering the huge adaptation of GSM standards around the world. As much as I love my T-Mobile Dash, I wouldn’t mind seeing a jump in the EDGE throughput…



Wow. I wonder if this will require each hardware provider to make a patch available or if it’s software on the server side that’s being changed.

Fabian Dietrich

Aaaaah, what’s that I hear about HSUPA (not HSDPA) to be availible in Europe by about the same time? 32-40+ Mbit…?
I really enjoy rubbing this in, you guys… Well OK, Japan is still absolutely superior in the connectivity space, they’re not just creaming EV-DO and so, but they have DMB, DVB-T and HSUPA and all that good stuff nationwide already. Nevertheless…

Greetings from the Highspeed hotspot of Berlin ^^

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