T-minus 2 days for the UK T-Mo Ameo?


Tmobile_ameo_2Good news for our UK readers; word on the web is that the T-Mobile Ameo, aka: the HTC Athena handheld might be available in the next few days. The device has surfaced on some T-Mobile T-Zones accessory pages, which usually means an imminent launch. For the few UK readers that missed this device due to a Apple iPhone daydreams, the Ameo is the 5-inch Windows Mobile device with the add-on, flat keyboard. Question of the day: with the news on the upgraded Samsung Q1 Ultra, are folks still considering this Windows Mobile device? Yes, the Ameo/Athena is less expensive and is a phone as well, but it is limited by the types of programs it can run. The devices are clearly marketed towards different users, but still, this one’s worthy of your commentary, no?


Philip Ferris

Combined with T-Mobile UK’s very reasonable (in UK terms) £7.50 all you can eat data plan, this is an attractive device.

I will certainly be watching it closely.




It is tough not to compare Q1 and Athena and yet these are apples and oranges.
If the price is right Athena can be an awesome communicator that can work as a perfect email station and can also have all your phone numbers dialable. I hardly dial by hand anymore after installing MS Voice command on my Cingular 8125 that allows me to call the names over bluetooth. (unless it is noisy outside). The unit can actually stay in the briefcase and it is still significantly lighter then Q1.
Q1 ultra on the other hand can very possibly replace my aging HP TC1100 tablet and there are probably a whole bunch of us waiting for the real units to appear.
With long startup/reboot times and short battery life of q1 and limitations of Mobile OS of Athena neither of these units (in my books) would qualify as a “replaced evertythng with one unit” , it is more likely an addon for some and replace some aging stuff for others.


Thanks for the reminder! I was looking up pricing on used HTC Universals earlier today. I’d rather have this Ameo device, even though I have a soft spot for devices with swivel screens… :D

Simon Coulthurst

The ‘problem’ with a UMPC as opposed to a Pocket PC is the start-up time when you just want to quickly look up an address or make a short note.

I know that with the suspend mode it is much quicker than previously, but it is still noticeably slower than the instant-on of a PPC.

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