T-minus 2 days for the UK T-Mo Ameo?

Tmobile_ameo_2Good news for our UK readers; word on the web is that the T-Mobile Ameo, aka: the HTC Athena handheld might be available in the next few days. The device has surfaced on some T-Mobile T-Zones accessory pages, which usually means an imminent launch. For the few UK readers that missed this device due to a Apple iPhone daydreams, the Ameo is the 5-inch Windows Mobile device with the add-on, flat keyboard. Question of the day: with the news on the upgraded Samsung Q1 Ultra, are folks still considering this Windows Mobile device? Yes, the Ameo/Athena is less expensive and is a phone as well, but it is limited by the types of programs it can run. The devices are clearly marketed towards different users, but still, this one’s worthy of your commentary, no?


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