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The GeekTool

I’ve used GeekTool for quite a while, and it’s become one of those things that I just take for granted on my system. It monitors everything under the sun, and sticks it right at Desktop level on your screen so you can always reference it. My favorite use for it is a continuous top command so I always know which application is hogging my ram/cpu. Very handy stuff.

But while I’ve overlooked the need to do a lengthy write-up of this great utility, Gina Trapani at LifeHacker has filled the void. Definitely check her post out if you’re interested in learning how to best put GeekTool to work for you.

4 Responses to “The GeekTool”

  1. Nick, would you mind posting some screenshots of your GeekTool setup on your desktop? I was an active Samurize user on my windows box and have missed a lot of that system information/statistics that i was able to configure onto my desktop when I replaced my windows box with a macbook pro.
    I’m embarrassed to say it but my employer has someone managed to content filter Geektool’s website so I can’t see the gallery that is linked over on LifeHacker’s site. Thanks much.