Roundup: Samsung Q1 Ultra news


I’m a bit behind due to a heavy workload and a not very local viewing last night; always hate to see a friend lose a parent. Now that I’m up’n’atem with a cup of WaWa in hand, I see there’s a multitude of pics, specs, thoughts and more on the Samsung Q1 Ultra. I figure my first official act of the day, after the coffee-making of course, is to provide a roundup on all things "Q1 Ultra", so here you go! Oh, and be sure to hug a parent today if you can….

  • First up in my inbox is a note from Jenn at Pocketables. Jenn saw the first official product images at the Samsung Exhibition microsite and provides the one above (as well as others). I noticed in the pics that the SD slot, headphone jack and a USB port are on the top of the unit; I like that!
  • Engadget likes the new look of the device and eye-spies this PC World / Yahoo News piece with specs on the device. First word is that the Q1 Ultra will ship with an 800 MHz Intel processor. *scratches chin in thought* Sounds a little light for Vista Home Premium but should work. No word on price here but the article notes that the unit will ship with a USB keyboard.
  • There’s a thread worth following on the Origami Project forums with early spec indications. Some of which are confirmed in the next bullet.
  • UMPC Portal-master Steve got some hands on time with the unit and provides impressions and a brief video. Steve isn’t impressed with the thumb-board on the first attempt because the spacing appears too tight, even for those with small hands. I’d like to know how well the unit performs running Vista on an 800 MHz CPU with 1 GB of RAM.

The device sounds very promising although I’ll personally be sticking with my Q1P for some time due to personal choice. For me, the only truly compelling feature is the 1024 x 600 screen; if I had an account with Cingular for the HSDPA, perhaps I’d consider it, but again, that’s just me. For many others, this will likely be the UMPC to own in 2007, pending the price.



I will be also keeping my Q1P; Like Kevin said the only thing I do like is the 1024×600, and the DC. For my personal use I would rather not have them put a keyboard on it just not usable for editing long documents or creating documents. I use my BT Thinkoutside for on the road and also use the Samsung keyboard with the organiser pack. The built in keyboard would work for short editing emails or creating short notes.

Mike Cane

You’ve been reading faster than I have!

So this just leaves me that stupid name to carp about!

Well, maybe those keys too. The more I look at pictures, the more I think those are like the David Pogue-termed “hydrogen atom” keys on the first-gen Treo.

We’ll see.

May release? Let me tell you this: if the $$$ comes my way, I won’t wait to buy. I’d grab one of the current Q1s. Hurry, money!

Kevin C. Tofel

I would have agreed with you except I just read on Engadget that the CPU is a dual-core ULV running at 800 MHz. Intel hasn’t announced it yet; this changes things up a bit…

Mike Cane

>>>The device sounds very promising although I’ll personally be sticking with my Q1P for some time due to personal choice.

Translating into Canese: The Q1UU specs suck!! 800MHz?!!? Are they freakin nuts?!!? That’s about as stupid as the freakin name!!

We now return you to diplomatic Tofelese…

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