More Q1 Ultra news: hybrid drives and lower-cost models

Samsung_q1_ultraIf this morning’s Samsung Q1 Ultra news roundup didn’t whet your Origami whistle, check out these bits from Infoworld as there’s some additional info on the Ultra and sales numbers on the original Q1 series. First up: Infoworld mentions a May release for the Q1 Ultra, which confirms what others have heard. Next on the docket: Samsung indicates they’ve sold 100,000 units of the original device; I’ve seen numbers batted around before, but I’d consider this one legit. Lastly, there’s two nice tidbits to wrap up: Samsung plans for hybrid hard drives in the Q1 (not sure when) and is also considering a second, lower cost version called the "Samsung Q1 Nearly-Ultra". OK, I made up the name, but the second version is for real ;)


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