Dear Internet, I’m a Douchebag


Pursuers of moral rectitude, you have no better friend than online video.

The latest head in the pillory belongs to none other than Michael Crook, the ironically- and aptly-named ne’er-do-well who, in an attempt to have embarrassing photos of himself removed from 10 Zen Monkeys and other sites, sent false DMCA takedown claims to the sites’ ISPs.

Unfortunately for Crook, the photos in question belonged to Fox News (specifically, from this appearance on Hannity & Colmes), and a provision in the DMCA provides consequences for those who misrepresent themselves as a copyright owner.

10 Zen Monkeys subsequently appealed to the EFF, which took the case. The result: Crook settled, agreed to stop abusing the DMCA, and filmed a video apology called “Dear Internet, I’m Sorry” (above).

Crook, who is also reviled by bloggers for posing as a young girl looking for casual sex on Craigslist (and merely copying Jason Fortuny at that), now joins a distinguished list of video apologists.

And, despite his settlement, Crook continues to seek attention and recently released a video arguing against the fair use provisions in copyright law. Well, by arguing I mean whining, and by whining I mean get a haircut, John Stamos.



Michael Crook should be outfitted in Irag or Afganistan, or any place of the world our troops reside with blaze orange fatigues, and a helmet that resembles a large target.
Beyond that I am wasting my time writing about this idiot!!!

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