DuelAdapter: use those PCMCIA cards with an ExpressCard port

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DueladapterAll hope is not lost if you own a PCMCIA card of some type but have a sparkly-new ExpressCard slot on your mobile device. Duel just announced the DuelAdapter which takes yesterday’s cards into tomorrow’s slot. The DuelAdapter works with either a 34- or 54-mm ExpressCard slot and works with 32-bit CardBus and 16-bit PCMCIA cards. Sadly, most of the 3G PCMCIA modem cards I know of are 32-bit, so check your card specs carefully or consider a USB adapter. The device is normally $119 but Duel is offering a $20 discount for orders placed by the end of the month.

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they announced this over a year ago. too bad they didn’t get it out back then, when there weren’t any actual EVDO ExpressCards… they really would have made a killing.

As it is, both Sprint and Verizon now have actual EVDO ExpressCard options available.

in fact… check out this info on the new Rev-A V740 from Verizon:


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