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Jack Black Sets High Bar for Web Video

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If I had to come up with my ultimate videoblogger, living or dead, it might just be Jack Black. Luckily, Nacho Libre himself has become aware of his calling, and is launching a video show to be shown both online and on TV (on VH1).

The series, called Acceptable.TV, is “founded on the principle that, in Black’s words, ‘some stuff is just not
acceptable,'” says the press release.

Acceptable.TV’s FAQ page gets into more depth:

Ultimately, we don’t want to save TV, or help the internet destroy TV. As TV collides and merges with the internet, we just want to make sure that it’s the best qualities of both that survive. We want to move into a world where people that make things that make people happy get rewarded for it.

Each show will consist of six short-form episodes, five of them submitted by the Acceptable.TV team and one of them submitted by members of the website. Site members choose which team-produced episodes get picked up to continue the next week, and which member-produced episodes show at all.

The non-professional part is a pretty conservative ratio, and the voting part is no more interactive than American Idol, but that might be a good starting point when it comes to short-form comedy.

In preparation for the contests, the site hosts a set of tutorials featuring Jack Black as production guru/fairy “JackeleeBlackeleeDo” (sp?) which are (with rare exception — the lighting one is kinda lame) hilarious. Check out the one on shot composition:

The whole concept is an extension of web short-form pioneer Channel 101, with that site’s Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab serving as executive producers alongside Black. Sadly, the press release makes sure we don’t get our hopes up too high about Black’s involvement:

While Black will appear in this first wave of the show and site launch, his main role on the project is that of executive producer. He is not an official cast member, but could appear in subsequent episodes as his schedule permits.

The first Acceptable.TV episode premieres on VH1 next Friday, March 23, at 10 p.m — a timeslot that by design will give it a bit of a strange viewership, no? Let us know if you check it out.