Syncing iCal's with Google Calendars care of Spanning Sync

Spanning Sync logoGCalSync was the first to hit the stage allowing syncing capabilities between Google Calendar with mobile phones’ built-in calendars. Now there’s a new player in town that hooks up multiple Google Calendar accounts with Apple’s iCal running on desktops.

Spanning Sync v1.0 has been in development for seven months, and has just come out of a quiet beta period. The application allows users to sync Google Calendars and iCal’s between multiple accounts, multiple Macs and with iSync compatible devices.

If you work on multiple Macs, Spanning Sync can hook them all up to pull information down from the same Google Calendar. Sharing group calendars through iCal is possible now by creating a shared Google Calendar and syncing it with iCal. That way any changes that are made in the shared calendar online, will also be made to your desktop iCal, and vice versa. Mac users can also easily sync up calendars to mobile phones and devices like iPods effortlessly as well with Apple’s iSync. Spanning Sync sure adds another level of productivity for users that work on multiple Macs, and with Apple’s iCal.

Spanning Sync has a 15 day trial period, with a $25 one-year subscription or a $65 one-time purchase.


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