Newsgator Go! now available for Blackberry and Java handsets


Newsgator_go_blackberryBack in September we saw the release of NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile; today Blackberry and Java-capable phones get the privilege of paying $29.95 for mobile RSS reading. Actually, you get a nice $15 discount on the mobile client if you purchase another NewsGator product and there is a free trial.

Now that I use Google Reader, I’m not sure I see the need to pay for an RSS reader. The product is solid, don’t get me wrong, but are RSS readers essentially in a market like browsers, i.e.: most of them are free? At this point, a browser or RSS reader has to have some must-have function that I can’t get for free in order to get my greenbacks. How about you?



Ben, points out the great value add in go!… the synchronization piece.

I definitely encourage folks to take a look at the trial version and decide if it is worth the greenbacks. Go! coupled w/ our online reader and FeedDemon/NetNewsWire/Inbox is a very compelling RSS solution and I think a great bang for your buck!

An yes, we are working on a native Palm app, so Jeff will be a happy mobile RSS consumer :)


I use FeedDemon to manage/synchronize my RSS feeds on my desktop PC and UMPC, so this really appeals to me. Unfortunately, I just tried downloading the Java version trial on my Treo 700p, but got a message that it isn’t compatible with the Palm JVM. On the plus side, the message did say that a Palm OS native version is “in the works”, so hopefully the wait for that won’t be too long…

Ben Drawbaugh

The must have feature is syncing with other newsgator readers.
I love to never have to read the same stories twice. Once I marked them read either at home, work or on the Go, they are all synced together.

Now if Google releases a reader like the Gmail app then we have another situation all together.

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