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Most Interesting Rumor I’ve Heard Lately

Apparently Leopard is going to be released this year. In fact, Rumor mongers have it nailed down – sometime between like next week and June. So rest easy knowing it’ll be here at some point…. But that is not the interesting rumor, believe it or not.

CrunchGear serves it up hot with the idea that Apple could possibly maybe in a million years license the iPhone OS to other manufacturers. Is this Apple’s style? No way. But I (being not even a fraction of the business mind of Steve Jobs) think the potential could be there for Apple on this one. Who couldn’t benefit from a better operating system on their cell phone?

In my own experiences, mobile phone operating systems are awful. Symbian OS is pretty good, but if it’s under powered it’s sluggish as all get out. Motorola’s operating systems generally suck – and that’s being nice about it. Windows Mobile 5 (don’t know about 6 yet) has a couple of strengths, but at the end of the day it’s definitely Windows. I haven’t used Palm much, so I’ll leave them be for now…

Maybe Apple’s iPhone OS is the answer to the horrible treatment we’ve gotten on this daily-use device for so many of us. But I’m sure I hope against hope – Apple’s a hardware company, remember….?

6 Responses to “Most Interesting Rumor I’ve Heard Lately”

  1. you totally forgot the whole Linux stuff on mobile with java software on it.

    no, the mobile space do not need more “os”

    and apple is known to integrate tightly hardware and software . they want YOU to buy IPHONE, not industrial people using/buying a new “os” noone need.

  2. I have to agree – This sounds unlikely to me. The hardware requirements alone would make this cost prohibitive. The market-share for high-end phones is not big enough for Apple to be there with others licensing the same OS.

    Now if Apple developed a lite OS X Mobile edition….

  3. I don’t think Apple would license their phone OS, but you never know with Apple. Who knew two years ago that they would announce the switch to Intel?

    I would agree about Motorola and WIndows Mobile… they suck. I’m not impressed with the Palm OS either. I would rather have Windows Mobile.

  4. Neven Mrgan

    “Who couldn’t benefit from a better operating system on their cell phone?”

    Sure, many people. But that’s the wrong question to ask, since Steve’s answer to it is surely “…and they can have it with the iPhone.”

    I find it much more likely – if entirely unlikely, still – that OS X will get licensed for computers. There are computers today much closer to most Macs in terms of performance and design, but not too many phones close to the iPhone. It is a blend of hardware and software at a much higher level than the Mac. So who would they license OS X “mini” to? Motorola? LG? Nokia? None of them even have phones that could run iPhone’s features. And if they could, what’s the point – they’d be iPhones (with added features, most likely clumsy ones).

  5. I totally disagree with this rumor, it is totally the opposite of where Apple is headed.

    It’s the same reason why Apple hasn’t licensed Mac OS X, because when hardware and software are built together integrated you get a more stable and overall better product.

    Besides, licensing the iPhone OS would kill the iPhone’s sales, plus the OS would be totally impractical in other cell phones.

    When it comes to rumors like this, you need to think, “What would Apple do?”, not, “What do I want?”. I think a more logical rumor is the multi-touch human interface device integrated with some newer Mac products down the road.