to Add Video Recommendations

5 Comments has plans to expand its recommendation engine to include video, starting with music videos, according to the Register. The UK-based company has not only added a web-based player but signed deals with major labels like Warner and EMI. With a large installed base of 15 million users, a Videoscrobbler compliment to’s Audioscrobbler would seem have a great chance of succeeding.

Last.fmThere are few details, but NewTeeVee has always been bullish on the application of recommendation algorithms to finding good video content. That Amazon and Netflix have yet to leverage their technology, or license it to other sites, seems a shame.

Loomia is one company that offers white-label personalization software. StumbleVideo is one of the first to offer an online video recommendation engine based on a user’s history, and the pre-launch Divvio seems to be taking it up another notch., like other internet radio providers, is facing price hikes imposed by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board. The company has also been the subject of buyout rumors, but has declined GigaOM’s requests for comment.



Pochjot i uvazhenie
-Zanishtyak nastroeniya vam: Luchshim sredstvom poxudaniya dlya Buratino vsegda byl rubanok Papy Karlo.
Ty ne verish’ svoim glazam? Da, jeto divno, no pravda! Ty jeto zasluzhil, pojetomu my tebe jeto daem! Ty uzhe chuvstvuesh’, kak tvoi drug zashevelilsya? Samye zharkie saity v seti otkrojutsya dlya tebya. Gotov’ svoe oruzhie k zalpu! Na jetom saite est’ vse!


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