Flash drive prices falling: 32 GB from Sandisk, $350


Sandisk_32gb_ssdWe’re not quite there yet, but flash hard drives or SSDs (Solid State Drives) are getting more affordable. CNET reported yesterday that SanDisk’s 32 GB offering in a 2.5-inch form factor costs volume buyers (read: OEMs) around $350. Think back to when we first saw the Samsung Q1 SSD; the price of that device with a 32 GB flash drive was roughly double what the same device costs with a standard hard drive with higher capacity!

I’d expect that we won’t see price parity between current 2.5-inch hard drives and flash-based drives until mid-2008 or later, but the premium keeps getting reduced. What premium would you pay for a drive with no moving parts that can access data faster: 20%? 50%? None?



the sandisk 1.8″ has a zif connector and i’m waiting for that to come out. apparantly its faster than the samsung ssd used in the q1 ssd. i’m hoping a $500 price tag. i hope.

Kevin C. Tofel

According to the PR: “The SanDisk 2.5-inch SSD fits in the same internal slot as 2.5-inch hard disks, so notebook manufacturers can switch to the SanDisk SSD without altering their hardware designs.”

It’s a Serial ATA drive so if you have a device with that interface, it should swap. I know the Q1 uses a ZIF-type connector and a 1.8-inch drive, so it’s not a perfect match. SanDisk does offer a 1.8-inch SSD but I believe it’s more expensive.

Mike Cane

Do you know if these things are the same size as HDs? Could you, for example, swap out your Q1’s HD for this? Same interface?

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