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NYT Will Charge For Times Reader: $165 A Year; Free To Home Subs

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When Times Reader, powered by Microsoft software, started its beta last September, the company said no decision had been made about charging for the service and the fine print warned that a commercial edition might not be released. Last month when I asked after a comment by Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to Ha’Aretz about charging, I was told the company was still looking at several approaches. Today, they finally told beta users via blog and email that when Times Reader launches officially March 27 it will be as a subscription service but will be included with NYT home-delivery subscriptions.
Some details:
— A standalone subscription will run $165 a year or $14.95 a month with access to TimesSelect and Premium Crosswords.
— Times Reader will be free to home-delivery subs as is the case with TimesSelect.( It’s not clear whether print subscribers also will have access to Premium Crosswords; I’m checking on that. Update: They do, according to an NYT rep.)
— Beta users who sign up before launch will get 14 months for the price of 12. The same offer is extended to subscribers of the TimesReader newsletter.
Update: The official release is out. The service comes with a 30-trial and a seven-day archive.
NYT: No Decision Yet On Charging For Times Reader?

One Response to “NYT Will Charge For Times Reader: $165 A Year; Free To Home Subs”

  1. I'm a big fan of Times Reader. In my opinion, it is one of the most elegant online reading experiences devised by a print media player.

    But the newly introduced fee for the service is too high. It is virtually identical to the price charged by Newsstand for full download of the NY Times (I believe the NT Times is a substantial investor in Newsstand). I'm sure it is not a coincidence that these prices are almost identical, although you do get Times Select with the Times Reader.

    I expected a more appealing price for the Times Reader, and despite my fondness for the product I'm not sure I'm willing to pay $165 a year.