EU To Mobile TV Industry: Get On With It; Industry Says Back Off


Updated below: Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, has said the European Commission is calling upon the telecommunications industry in the region to hurry up and make a decision on a single broadcasting technology standard, reports Dow Jones via Cellular News. “The time for decisions is now — otherwise mobile TV will miss the boat to the European soccer championships in 2008,” said Viviane, saying that regulators and the industry had to move fast and that Europe can and must play a decisive role in the industry. Unsurprisingly she suggested that DVB-H was the best standard for Europe. The EC expects mobile TV will generate global revenue of 11.4 billion euros (US$15 billion) by 2009, with 50 million mobile TV-enabled handsets in the market.
Update: Rafat adds: The industry has hit back and says that EC should back off from introducing new rules governing mobile broadcasting…The commission should, however, urge national governments to liberalize their radio spectrum markets so that mobile operators can use the frequencies to offer mobile broadcasting, according to the recommendations of the European Mobile Broadcasting Council. The commission should also take mobile broadcasting into account as it reviews its copyright rules, the council said.

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