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Microsoft Declines Comment on Rumor of 360 Price Drop in May

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Rumors of a soon-to-be released black and enhanced Xbox 360 Premium (code name Zephyr) just won’t go away. According to sources from German gaming site Xbox-Archiv, Microsoft will cancel the $299 Xbox 360 Core model, reduce the price of its current 20 GB Premium model to $299 (Euros), and release the new black Zephyr this May for around $400. The newly rumored machine sports a 120 GB hard drive and HDMI. Keep in mind all of Xbox 1’s price drops occurred in the spring, with two out of three in the middle of May.

Word broke last December suggesting that Microsoft was finally turning a profit on each 360 sold outside of overhead costs, so it’s plausible this could happen two months from now. If a reality, this would put even more pressure on the already struggling $500-600 PS3, not to mention the $250 Wii. Looks like Microsoft is in prime position to lead the aggressive pricing party. Rather than deny the rumor outright, Microsoft PR rep Arne Meyer declined comment when contacted by GigaGamez, saying “Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.”


28 Responses to “Microsoft Declines Comment on Rumor of 360 Price Drop in May”

  1. This rummor has been around for months, I think it maybe getting closer. There seems to be a group of current owners that are complaining becuase the co-rummor is no HDMI upgrade for current owners. I believe that Sony thinks it is going to happen which is why they are working on lowering thier production costs.

  2. Very interesting speculation. I am never an early adopter, as I let others be “beta” guinea pigs and wait for price drops. With that in mind, my HD tv has been begging me for more real HD content.

  3. I own a Wii and planned on getting a 360, mainly because of the online experience but this is going to make me wait. I don’t have an HDTV yet….but why not have the HDMI from now for when I eventually get one?

    I foresee a VERY hard battle ahead for Sony. Nintendo already makes money on the Wii and with its success, reducing the price by $50 – $75 should be more than possible, along with lower DS Lite prices as well, spurring even more purchases of their equipment. This war is between Sony and MS and interestingly enough, I think most people are rooting for MS!