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Michoo: A coalition of the willing?

John Battelle has an interesting suggestion for Microsoft and Yahoo when it comes to search – team-up and spin out a search company that can then effectively compete with Google. John argues that when it comes to competing with Google in search, 1+1=11.

A second and substantial reason to do this is to stop trying to kill each other in the race to catch Google. Separately, neither company is going to catch Google anytime soon. Why not work together, combine resources, and give the world what it really wants – a legitimate answer to Mountain View?

Battelle thinks that it is a better option than Microsoft buying Yahoo, news that has been widely speculated and debated. Do you think Microsoft+Yahoo (Michoo) makes sense?

5 Responses to “Michoo: A coalition of the willing?”

  1. Bell already decides to block port 25 on just about anyone they want, for any reason. As an independant business owner, they’ve caused immeasurable damage.

    If Google is dumb enough to let Bell control them on net neutrality, then they will lose there bread and butter (small sites). Bell has already started to talk about accessing websites like channels. If you want more sites, you have to pay more money to access them.

    Like, pay X and you get access to wikipedia + google + youtube “channels”. Pay Y and you get those sites Plus MSN!

    They’re trying to turn the internet into a TV subscription model.
    Where does that leave independant content providers? Small websites
    and the Misc. (Many of which make money with Google ads).

    I don’t think consumers tolerate it – but they might not have a choice. I think we’re seeing the beginning of corporations acting like Tyrants. Doing things that are not in the interest of consumers but doing them because nobody can stop them.

    This may be the start of back lashes / “surgical strikes” against CEOs and other people who are beating this drum. I don’t see any other way that it will stop…. If they cut off the air to small businesses who’s livily hood is at stake they will have no choice but to fight or flight.

  2. No chance. Two companies who don’t know excactly what they are in this space (Microsoft is software, Yahoo! is media?) don’t make one big success, if they combine forces IMHO. It would just be an endless run or arguments about strategy, while Google would be sitting in Mountain Viev…laughing. A downright purchase of Yahoo! by Microsoft might by one solution. But a focused product team allowed to work on this without interference from strategy people every once in a while might be the killer app that makes this happen.