Keeping Track of Software Licenses

CoolOSXApps posted SerialSticker, which is an application for storing all your software licenses. I don’t know how it works, as I haven’t tried it. But it got me wondering how everyone manages the multitudes of software they accumulate on their systems (assuming it’s legit…).

I know there are a handful – if not several – dedicated applications to this end. There are even other catch-all programs such as Yojimbo that have been mentioned for this sort of usage. Heck, you can even eliminate another software license and just use OS X’s built-in Keychain to store that information.

While all of these are terrific, they ultimately boil down to the need to backup those apps/databases. If you’re not diligent about that, then it’s likely not going to help you much. So my personal method is to keep a draft in my web-based email account with all that information in one place. It nicely eliminates searching multiple emails for all the serials I need, and it’s readily available from my internet connection should I be rebuilding a machine from scratch.

So that’s how I roll. How about you? Have you found a dedicated app that you swear by, or maybe something that you’ve shoe-horned into that role? Do tell. Need more ideas, our Community covered it somewhat over here.


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