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England’s Cricket team practicing with iPods

England’s cricket team are using video iPods to better prepare for the World Cup in the Caribbean. The coaching staff have begun loading the players with bowling actions so they can analyse both their own techniques and those of their opposition.

England bowler Liam Plunkett has been glued to the tiny iPod screen as he tries to learn some tips ahead of their opening Group C clash with New Zealand on Friday.

According to Reuters UK, “the dull Caribbean wickets mean England’s usual swing and seam attack must come up with new ways of getting batsmen out, such as bowling slower balls and off-cutters.”

And as an American, I have absolutely no idea what most of those terms mean.

Via Reuters UK

4 Responses to “England’s Cricket team practicing with iPods”

  1. Species 8472

    Speaking as an Englishman abroad (Denmark), I say; “C’mon England!” Time we stuffed those convict/rabbit hybrids. As for NZ…stick to Rugby, at least you know what you’re doing there.

  2. Go New Zealand!!!

    The wicket is the ground in the middle of the cricket oval … kinda the equivalent of the diamond in baseball. Because the ball bounces after being bowled, before getting to the batter, it means the type of ground it is effects how the ball will bounce, and one must compensate.

    The dullness in Caribbean wicket is due to the humidity, which means a less dry ground, which dampens the bounce of the ball. Swing and seam-attacks (which are the equivalent of different pitching types in baseball) depend on speed and bounce coming off a hard dry wicket, so with the slower wicket you need bowling techniques that use that as a strength, hence the slower balls and off-cutters (the latter being a bowl that swerves in a particular direction at the last minute after a close-in bounce).

    The Cricket World Cup uses the 1-day version of the game (approx. 8 hours for a game) and is really exciting. Watching your opponent and how they perform on similar wickets is a really good idea.

    I am a kiwi living here in the US, so I do miss the game a lot … and again, Go New Zealand!!! Kill those Brits!! :)