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Bravo Buys Television Without Pity

Television Without Pity, a fantastically snark-filled television recap site, has been acquired by Bravo for an undisclosed amount.

As a longtime reader of the TWoP (since back when it was called Mighty Big TV and utterly fixated on the size of that guy from Dawson’s Creek‘s forehead), I have to admit I’m a little worried about it going corporate. BUT I’m on the conference call now and everyone’s assuring there will be “separation between church and state.”

“[W]e’ll continue taking shots at Aaron Sorkin, and we’ll still be covering shows on FOX and CBS and so on,” the TWoP heads write in a note to readers on their site.

Television Without Pity is the closest some show makers get to real interaction with their fans a la online video shows, as alluded to in this Variety piece on the deal, with writers and producers lurking in show forums and occasionally including shout-outs to TWoP coinages and criticism in their shows.

Sarah Bunting of TWoP said the acquisition will help the site add podcasts, audio, video, and additional shows (aside: let me know where the petition for covering the Office is and I’ll sign it).

A Bravo exec said on the call that the acquisition “literally almost doubles uniques to 2 million uniques per month.”

Television Without Pity has archives dating back to 1998. I highly recommend checking them out.

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  1. I noticed the “Note to users” is no longer on their site… I can’t really comment on whether or not the site has changed, because I’ve never heard of it before now, but it seems pretty interesting.