Blinkx Launches Video Search Wiki


Video search service Blinkx has put together a white paper detailing how to optimize your content for video search and a wiki where the online video community can update and advise each other going forward, launching today.

BlinkxThe document covers everything from title to metadata, where to post and how to syndicate with mRSS. It’s a rare move for a search engine to actually offer detailed search engine optimization guidelines, or even to be transparent about the process in general. Definitely something to look at if you’re marketing your video, especially if you have deep archives.

Though I’m not sure if I’m just surprised Blinkx announced something, anything, besides yet another partnership with a video site.



The post interested me immediately. Who wouldn’t want to know more about optimizing search to attract more traffic to their video?

But after clicking on the links I must assume that there is something morally questionable about Blinkx. Access to their site is banned here in the United Arab Emirates. Could it be the “x” in their name?

Of course, they are in good company. Flickr is banned, too.

Any kind person out there willing to download the Blinkx white paper and mail it to me at

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