Viacom and YouTube’s Dance Around: History Through Links

The links below will give you an overview of previous history between the two companies around YouTube and video compliance efforts, arranged in reverse chronological order:
Magnolia Pictures Subpoenas Google For Identities Of Copyright Violators
YouTube’s Going Small in Hunt For Content Deals; Viacom’s Chest-Thumps On Numbers
Google-CBS Deal Dead For Now; YouTube’s Tough Going With TV Networks
Viacom’s YouTube Foil: Broad Licensing Deal With Joost
Viacom Circumvents YouTube, Making MTV Networks’ Video Available To All Others
Viacom-YouTube: Execs Duel In The Press; Cuban Calls For Action
Viacom Demands That Google Pull More Than 100,000 Clips From YouTube; Site Is Complying
Google In Frantic Talks To Halt YouTube’s Legal Threat; Offers Tens of Millions In Upfront Money
YouTube Ties Up Wth MTV; First Formal Media Company Agreement