Midcourse Correction For Fropper…

I saw an advertisement on one of the TV channels recently, that seemed to position the Fropper.com primarily as a social networking portal. There’s a new logo and tagline to boot. Readers will remember that Fropper, which is one of the the People Group properties, was begun as a dating portal. In September, they’d launched Fropper Zones as a social network to supplement the dating side which they rechristened Fropper Relationships, and I thought it was meant for keeping users within the fold. Now it seems that they’ve integrated the two: social networking is now Fropper’s main mandate, and ‘relationships’ is one of the offerings.
So does that mean that India isn’t ready for dating sites yet? Maybe not for sites for dating alone, but perhaps for sites where dating can be an outcome of being a part of the same social network. One of the things that puts off women on social networking sites in India is the number of random requests for friendship.
Fropper.com Launches Social Networking Zone