Ze Frank’s Show, Business Model Live On


Ze Frank has indeed moved to Blip.tv, as we told you yesterday. Blip has secured scotch-maker Dewar’s as a sponsor for the last week of Frank’s show as well as two months of hosting the lifetime of its archives (see press release). Also part of the Blip deal is the extension of Frank’s innovative “Gimme Some Candy” micro-sponsor system, which will be extended to all Blip users.

In addition to The Show living on in time capsule format, Ze won’t be completely abandoning some of the story lines and ideas from the last year, he said in an interview with NewTeeVee after his appearance hosting the South by Southwest Interactive Web Awards last night. “There’s a lot of narrative threads in the show that I think will benefit from being worked on a little bit.”

That said, after a year the man needs a break, and won’t be producing content “quite as aggressively” in the coming months. “I have to sort of take a moment to think about the lessons that were learned from this project, both the goods and the bads.”

“The truth is that it’s all being worked on right now, both on a conceptual level and on an implementation level,” he said when asked about specifics about new content. “There’s certain things that I really want to do, which is to package up some shows into collection of shows. And also collections that are made out of portions of shows and republish them as a once a week feed.”

While he admitted some of the timely political content would be difficult to extend, best-of episode playlists, compilations of show highlights and continuations of stories like “the Ray saga” can be expected.

Regarding “Gimme Some Candy,” his platform for fans to make small donations and in exchange leave messages for himself and other fans, Frank said he shopped around for providers who were willing to host the system.

“The trick is with Gimme Some Candy is that you can’t really go site by site. But really to make it work you have to work with a platform that can deliver it in some sort of ubiquitous way. Because otherwise it becomes a sort of scalable nightmare.”

But folks won’t be stuck with Ze’s ducky motif. “There will be opportunity to personalize it, but I think you start with the notion of mass customization. What we call ‘massculsivity.'”

Frank wasn’t ready to announce any new projects resulting out of his relationship with United Talent Agency, but said UTA has been helpful recruiting celebrities for guest weather segments on the show, including a “really fun one” for this Friday, before The Show ends.

While the show focused on the possibilities for conversation, Frank said he’s excited about working with Hollywood professionals on storytelling, which he candidly admitted he doesn’t know much about.

Co-written with Liz Gannes.



Gladly, the show’s archive has acheived sponsorship, and will live on internet. Nice show!

Mark Day

If anyone from Laphroig is reading this, they can spondor the next two weeks of my show for as little as a bottle or two of their cask-strength single malt…

Just a thought.

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