Unreleased, Spaces Already Taking Victims

Fans of virtual desktops on the OS X platform may rememeber long ago, when the development of Desktop Manager went dormant. Virtue Desktops (site is currently down) carried the torch with a branch of the DM code and has served us well since then. That is, up until today.

MacUser’s Derik DeLong reports that the Virtue Desktop developer, Tony Arnold has decided to call it quits. The impending release of Spaces, which will be a virtual desktop implementation baked into the Expose functionality of OS X, seems to be the culprit in this decision.

Apple is no stranger to adding innovative software features to its operating system. Along the way, many an independent developer has found their work to become less important when eclipsed by the OS X behemoth. Konfabulator comes immediately to mind, although they’ve reinvented themselves a bit in an attempt to keep on ticking. Many were surprised when Coverflow was actually purchased by Apple, for integration into iTunes.

As Arnold calls it quits, I wish him well. I greatly appreciate the time and effort he put into an app that seriously enhanced my productivity on a daily basis.


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