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The Vloggies Show Debuts

The Oscars can still draw 40.2 million viewers, despite being increasingly irrelevant. Awards shows just have a certain allure, especially for people who might now or may in the future receive the awards handed out by that show. And while one can snark and quibble about who gets to nominate, who wins, and who really cares, at least they provide some measure of advice as to what’s worthwhile in an industry.

I was a judge for last year’s Vloggies, and if I got anything out of the experience, it was finding a bunch of new sources for great, independent online video. In the lead-up to the this year’s event in Los Angeles in November, check out the just launched The Vloggies Show for “a glimpse into the world of vlogging and online video stuff, from networks to people to software to new shows.”

PodTech, which started sponsoring the Vloggies at its inaugural event last year, scored a budget from Seagate and asked Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV to put together a show highlighting viewers, new contenders, past winners and nominees.

She started the show off with a bang with some target practice at Red’s Indoor Range in Austin the night before South by Southwest (yes, that’s a cameo of yours truly at the end of the debut clip).

I happen to know that she’s since nabbed interviews with tons of great guests — just yesterday I dropped by Irina’s SXSW booth to find her chatting up Casey and Rudy of Galacticast, winners of the 2006 Vloggy for best special effects. So if recognition from your peers and a plastic trophy are what you really want, you’d better make nice with Slutsky. Or else.