MotionDSP has Video Copyright Finder


Just in time to solve the Viacom-YouTube sort of problems that crop up around unauthorized file-sharing, startup MotionDSP is set to announce Tuesday a copyright-detection software package that uses video-fingerprinting technology.

Sources close to the company say the product will be called Ikena Copyright, and it will be offered in both software or bundled hardware versions. MotionDSP’s video-fingerprinting technology, which does not rely on audio clips or embedded text tags, is derived from the company’s video-enhancement technology, which can track and match thousands of videos per day, according to previous company announcements. Ikena will join a crowded field in the search-and-identify technology market, which is led at least in mindshare by MySpace and YouTube friend Audible Magic.


Sean Varah

Hi Paul,

I enjoyed your article, just wanted to make a few clarifications:

1) Audio fingerprinting technology only solves 50% of the copyright problem. You need both video and audio fingerprinting to accurately identify copyright. Our technology perfectly complements what’s out there now.

2) We’re a video technology company. As such, we’re not in the copyright detection business per-se. We’re using our core fundamental IP to deliver the products and features the market wants. We developed this copyright
technology in a matter of months, and we have much bigger things planned.

3) We’re going to offer our technology (both video enhancement and copyright
detection) as a service. We’re moving away from selling software and applicances.


Sean Varah
CEO, MotionDSP

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