iTunes Offers Up Massive Song Sets


Want to fill up your iPod with just a few clicks from the iTunes Music Store? Apple has made the process very easy to do, by offering some massive music compilations at reduced prices, far below the standard $.99 a song.

The most famous of these deep compilations was the promotion Apple offered with U2. Alongside the U2-branded iPod, Apple offered the group’s fans “The Complete U2”, consisting of more than 400 songs, at the “low-low price” of $149.99, a savings of nearly $300 over the usual price.

Not to be outdone, Depeche Mode followed U2 last year with “The Complete Depeche Mode”, offering fans more than 600 songs, for $169.99. As somebody who has seen DM in concert twice, and grew up listening to everything from “Speak and Spell” to “Violator”, the temptation to hit the magic “Buy Album” button has been very tempting.

Just between those two offerings, you could put more than 1,000 songs in your pocket.

Nearer and dearer to Steve Jobs’ heart, you could get 77 songs from Joan Baez for under $40, or 65 tracks featuring Charlie Parker for under $30. With a little more effort, you could find a 64-track box set from Nirvana for under $30 or 73 songs from The Carpenters for under $40.

Getting more modern, at an even better price per song ratio, I was elated to discover six different albums featuring 50 trance tunes each for only $9.99 apiece. (Start with Volume 1). 300 songs for less than $60 isn’t too shabby. When I downloaded the first four albums, I had more than a day’s worth of new trance music to keep my iTunes happy.

And the splurging isn’t limited to just music. If you like audiobooks, you could download more than 95 hours of “The Complete Harry Potter” for $249.99.

I’m sure there are more massive downloads out there. Do you know of any? Post them in the comments, and happy listening!



If The Complete Harry Potter today included Deathly Hollows (thus making it truly complete) then I’d imagine there’d be plenty of buyers. Myself among them.


When Apple offers lossless music, I’ll start buying. The DM set would truly be a bargain if not for the 128 craprate.

I’m waiting, Apple…


I once scored the 80-track ZZ Top boxed set from the RealPlayer Music Store for $9.99 when they had it mis-priced.

Louis Gray

Eddie, Harry Potter certainly is no bargain, unless we use new metrics, like cost per minute…

I included it in the roundup as a great way to monopolize your iPod quickly. But for the best price/song ratio, you’re best off looking at one of the 50 songs for $9.99 trance collections or Depeche Mode’s 660 song offer for $169.

Eddie Hargreaves

The Complete Harry Potter actually costs $249.00 not $249.99 and is a savings of $0.70! Wow, talk about reduced prices! 70 cents!

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