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Is Delicious Library 2 Ready to Drop?

Has the next version of Delicious Library been completed and ready to pass on to the adoring fans? Looks like Wil Shipley (Delicious Monster’s founder, and former Omni Group head man) may have tipped his hat ever so slightly in a recent blog post. That’s where Weldon swooped in and began dissecting the comments.

Sure, it’s conjecture, but it sounds plausible enough. I mean, think about it. Shipley committed to having Delicious Library 2 ready for a Leopard launch. Without knowing when that would come, he had to make sure he was ready whenever. So sure, I bet the next version of our favorite Media Cataloging app is ready to roll right now. Too bad we’ll need Leopard before it’ll do any of us a bit of good.

7 Responses to “Is Delicious Library 2 Ready to Drop?”

  1. :)

    Well, actually I’m still waiting to buy a library prog until this one hits the shelves…
    But as we don’t know what features will be in it, it might not be worth the wait, as I’m looking for some features none has at the moment, like really sharing of multiple libraries with other users and not just a webgallery or something and eyecandy is, well, a nice extra which makes it looks less like a ugly windows app.
    I have a private library to maintain, a company library that has to be shared with co-workers, and of course I want to look into my brothers library to see if he has some nice books I want to read :).

    I think I’ll have to write my own webbased version which would be nice if it could integrate with DL2 for all the nice eyecandy etc.

  2. Yep, total vaporware. We’ll just ignore the fact that the guy with the programming kung-fu responsible for the slick particle effects, etc. just got hired away to Apple in the past six months. Or that Leopard slipped because they pulled resources to get iPhone shipping by the promised end of June (hello, McFly? do you not recall that WWDC was basically a rehash of the previous year’s WWDC? That’s because IT STILL WASN’T F’N SHIPPING). But hey, you know what? I bet Wil just likes to not make money. Yeah, that makes total sense. The whole interweb has heard about the DL 2.0 imminent release, and he’s sitting on at least 70K of registered seats for DL 1.0 (per his talk at last year’s C4), but hey, it makes a lot more sense to, you know, just fake out the whole internet because it’s, I dunno, funny” Or something?

  3. All this hype about DL2 and then…nothing. We are now well over a year since the teasers first started hitting the web and still…nothing. I’ve been waiting to upgrade to 10.5 until DL2 came out but alas…nothing.

    Now their site even has a disclaimer to the free upgrade indicating that they are not bound to the free upgrade offer if DL2 never ships. Hmmm…