Andy Barker P.I. Debuts on iTunes


Longtime Conan O’Brien sidekick and wannabe sitcom star Andy Richter is back in action as an accountant turned private investigator, in Andy Barker P.I., which hits TV screens this Thursday, March 15th. But even before debuting on the big screen, all of the season’s shows can be downloaded via iTunes, including a free pilot episode, which the show’s promoters hope will get you hooked.

For $9.95, you can download all six episodes of Andy Barker P.I. from iTunes, an interesting strategy which NBC likely hopes will eventually help the show through word of mouth, even if it takes early adopter eyeballs away from the TV set.

We saw the free pilot episode on Saturday, and found it amusing, though not as funny as Andy used to be in his role alongside Conan on the Late Night couch. If you have the hard drive space, the network bandwidth, and 20 or so minutes, take the show for a test drive. The price is right.



I’m sure it’s nowhere near as good as “Andy Richter Controls The Universe”.

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