William Morris Ties With Narrowstep For Broadband Channels; Video Aggregator Gets $7.1M Financing

One more talent agency trying to figure out this social media thing: The William Morris Agency is collaborating with online video aggregator Narrowstep to develop broadband and mobile programming for its clients. Last May, the agency formed its own digital media group to help its clients create online projects. By partnering with the UK-based Narrowstep, WMA hopes to tap outside expertise in developing those kinds of opportunities.
In January, UTA Online, the broadband division of UTA, announced a partnership with Veoh Networks to create a branded online channel to showcase its clients. Also, Creative Artists Agency aligned with Revver last November to develop similar opportunities.
USAT: Interestingly, each new program will be set up as a separate company. That arrangement will give backers as well as talent flexibility on funding and day-to-day management. The company partners hope to create hundreds of shows…some corporate clients might want to develop their own shows around specific interests. For example, GM might want to do a show about classic cars. William Morris, drawing on its contacts around the world, would then put the talent together to help make that happen.
In other Narrowstep news, the company just completed a $7.1 million private placement financing. Investors in the financing included Granahan McCourt Capital, which is owned by David C. McCourt, the company’s interim CEO, and Roger Werner, a director of the company. The WMA release is here, while the financing release is here.
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