New Eisner Internet Video Venture: Web Studio Vuguru

Proof that the well of cute and oddly irritating names for new internet video companies has yet to run dry … the latest is Vuguru from former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, already an involved investor in video-sharing site Veoh. The new venture from Eisner’s investment firm Tornante — a studio that will acquire and produce web video — is set to be announced Monday along with its first production: Prom Queen, according to David Lieberman . Some details:
— Starting April 2 (prime time for prom time in the U.S.), Prom Queen — co-produced with Big Fantastic in a United Talent Agency deal — will roll out over 80 days in 90-sec installments.
Where Eisner’s business model at Disney often required exclusivity, Prom Queen will be ubiquitous. It will run on, (not live yet), a sponsor’s site (, YouTube and Veoh. Deals for mobile and handheld video players are still in the works.
— Advertising includes pre-and-post roll and product placements. In addition to Elle Girl, Pom Wonderful, Fiji Water and Telaflora florists.
Eisner will only say it cost less to produce than tv but “it’s not inexpensive.” Big Fantastic spent $50,000 on a different 80-episode show already acquired by Vuguru. An exec tells Lieberman Prom Queen cost at least double to make.
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