Ze Frank Leaves Revver for Blip


Videoblogger Ze Frank, who’s being treated like a rockstar by the geeks here at South by Southwest, is now hosting his videos with Blip.tv rather than Revver. Here’s the latest show, from Friday, in the Blip player as it is now embedded on Frank’s site.

The switch came within the last few days — I distinctly remember seeing Revver’s post-roll ads when I last watched The Show on Wednesday — but it looks like Frank’s redone his entire archives to be on Blip. Frank has long discouraged his fans from posting his show to other sites, such as YouTube, so this is a pretty big shift.

It’s interesting timing, considering Frank has said his show won’t continue after March 17, which is only six days away. We’re scheduled to meet up with both Frank and Blip CEO Mike Hudack later tonight, so we’ll keep you posted.


eric allen

What a tool! This guy and his henchpussy are jokes
they are ingrates, they have made over 15 thousand dollars for his little blogs from revver and continue to look back and spit…dont worry ze pussy my peeps in h’wood are gonna do the same to you…what goes around comes around

see you on the borscht belt zappo

you are a joke and good luck competeing on TV…you were a star on the net for like 15 seconds and my friend, that will not translate to TV- your Q rating will be hurrendous

see ya SXSW

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