Blog Post, Sharing Content; Will Offer Cross-Platform Media Buys and started an intriguing relationship this weekend that includes content production and sharing, cross promotion and combined ad sales opportunities. It meshes each franchise’s strengths and gives access to sports beyond those on Time Warner sibling TNT (NBA, golf, Nascar) as well as expanded fantasy sports coverage. gets ongoing presence between events and access to’s “brand name” talent.
Deal highlights:
— Advertisers will be able to buy cross-platform and multi-media across both franchises.
— will send visitors to broadband segments including weekend sports updates and to network site’s Rotoworld fantasy coverage.
— will produce broadband segments featuring SI writers and send its visitors to for commentary, analysis, still photography and more.
— The two will produce daily programming yet to be announced.
The release doesn’t mention the Olympics in context with the deal but with Beijing approaching it would seem to be a natural connection.
How does it work? Drop by and has a prominent tab in the main navigation for the home page. Clicking on various links — say, a live NHL game in progress, could take you to an SI page. As of Sunday afternoon, though, the relationship wasn’t obvious at proclaims that it’s a CNN network site and Turner’s combo drama/sports net TNT has a tab at the top of the but no visible sign yet of the new partnership. Granted, I could be missing something on a very crowded site.