Updates: Video and the Law


Online video-sharing and the law haven’t yet figured out what they think of each other, but today saw some resolutions worth noting.

Turkey lifts its YouTube ban
, two days after a court ordered the site be blocked until it stopped hosting videos insulting Ataturk. The reasoning for the reversal is unclear.

Mark Cuban says he subpoenaed YouTube as a research projects of sorts, intending to see if users who have uploaded Magnolia Pictures used fake information and “if they feel that Google endorses and supports uploading and streaming of pirated content.”

He promises “I have no intention of pulling an RIAA and suing the users,” which is worth a sigh of relief.

Bolt settles with Universal Music, part of its deal to be bought by GoFish. The deal includes less than $10 million in payments for infringements, setting a dollar-value precedent for copyrighted video uploaded by users. It doesn’t change the DMCA safe harbor, but it does take away some of its oomph.

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