UMPCs part of the Game Developer Conference


Lego_star_wars_ii_umpcI’ve been off-line for nearly three days due to business travel and missed tons of interesting news, but I’m slowly catching up on e-mail; this morning I saw the picture shown from the Game Developer Conference that wraps up today. I know that Josh Bancroft is there and blogging; wonder if he’s seen any UMPCs running games like this?

Theoretically, Lego Star Wars II for PC should work OK on a Samsung Q1 or Q1P although I’d recommend having a gig of RAM. BTW: if you’re a Star Wars fan at all, you have to at least play the demo of this game, it’s fun and absolutely hilarious!



I put Oblivion on my UX280P just for laughs. CTD upon launch but Ive read about the oldblivion mod fixing problems like this so I installed oldblivion and it made the game work however, FPS where unplayable, even with all settings on there lowest.


I was able to install gothic 2 on my Q1 the first time I tried it but I couldn’t see the full screen.

I tried installing it again after a recent CD restore but it wouldn’t run.

The only other games that have worked for me were Red Alert 2, Morrowind (unplayable without a mouse) and a bunch of emulators.


Lego star wars II works on the asus r2h with 1.28 gig memory, and its really good. its especially good if you grew up with legos (which i’m sure everyone did)

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