Normal People Can Switch Too


The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Mac has evolved into something that fits the needs of any computer user. But I still hear the argument all the time that Macs are only for creatives. Or Macs can’t handle the same files that Windows PCs generate. Man, get with the times people!

ValleyWag posts 42 Reasons Normal People Can Switch to Macs. If you know someone who makes the same arguments that were being made 15 years ago, you might point them toward this list.

What else would you add to round out the list further?



Anyone and everyone can knock mac and pc’s, this does this and that doesnt. In the end it is what your comfortable with. For me coming from Main Frames to Dual Floppy Dos and Windows 3.0 and up I just got fed up with Windows getting worse and worse, virus’s , spyware.

I switched in November of 2006, I sold my Dell Optiplex 620 to a coworker and she’s happy and I am also. Had the iMac 20 inch model than sold that and have the MBP 2.16 Glossy. I am very very happy and have read that Macusers are arrogant and other names but from 1st hand experience I have been very very happy . Making the switch has been EASY to ME other’s have issues and gripes. WHATEVER. If you make the switch to a Mac and it doesnt work for you , you have 14 days to return the system unless special orderd. I know I spend endless hours at the Apple store asking questions having someone show me, and playing and researching . For me it just works, from web page design to database’s “MySQL” minor photo editing. It just works. I would NOT switch back, there’s no reason. As far as Danny’s reply / comment Been there done that, certified by Cannon , HP , Epson, Compaq I would think you would want to make yourself more marketable by having Apple knowledge and repair. But thats just my thought.


I don’t know if you can could me as a “normal” person. I’ve been PC tech for over 15 years, run my own PC service business and I picked up a Macbook this week. I was tired of NOT knowing anything about the Mac platform. Too many people calling me asking if I knew anything about Macs. I got tired of telling them “no” It’s funny…the first computer I ever touched back in the mid 80s was a Mac in Graphic Design class.

Some ways it’s better, some ways it’s not. I do like a lot of the features. the trackpad functionality is does take some getting use to not having a right click button, the two finger click functionality is pretty cool.
I do have to agree that a MacBook and Parallels COULD be the only system someone needs.

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