Don’t overlook T-Mobile phone rebates


Tmobile_logo_2Early in the week, The Consumerist ran a piece that we highlighted. If you missed the strategies from a ex-Verizon Wireless sales rep, you might want to hit redial and check it out. The Consumerist followed that post up this week with two similar items: one on Cingular and one on T-Mobile. Glad I caught the T-Mo one because I’m getting another $50 in my pocket for purchasing a Dash!

I paid $99 for my Dash, but James recently noted that CompUSA now sells it for $49. Guess what that means: you can get the Dash for free with a $50 rebate. Even better yet: the Dash isn’t the only phone that shows up on the T-Mobile rebate site, so if you’ve recently purchased or plan to purchase a T-Mobile device, you need to hit this site.


Dave Zatz

I got the Blackjack on Amazon for $0 after rebates and a buddy says it’s now -$25. It may not be as pretty as the Dash, but 3G and the scroll wheel are more important.

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