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Cross-Site Metrics from TubeMogul

“Exclusives” do not compute in online video, where the point is often to get maximum distribution. It makes sense to publish your video to more than one site — even Lonelygirl15, who famously signed up with Revver, still posts everything to YouTube. But the scattershot method makes statistics and reporting a bit of a headache.

Enter TubeMogul, which offers a number of tools for tracking the popularity of videos across Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, Revver, Yahoo! and YouTube. We ran Ask a Ninja‘s YouTube and Revver publisher pages through the service to come up with the following graph:

TubeMogul -- Ask a Ninja

You can also track individual videos and groups of videos. It’s an invaluable tool for marketers tracking their campaigns and creators who are selling ads or sponsorships to create reports. Additionally, the data can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet and visualized any way you like.

We can’t judge how accurate the data is at first glance, but it’s probably at least as good a reporting tool as something like Alexa. Definitely a product to try out now, even if only for vanity purposes, and to keep an eye on for future developments.

6 Responses to “Cross-Site Metrics from TubeMogul”

  1. John Christy

    I’m pumped about TubeMogul. I’ve seen Vidmeter’s product, but I think it falls short of TubeMogul. Though they do track videos from more sites, the interface isn’t nearly as slick and the features aren’t as good.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We just launched our Philly-based video channel and are struggling with how to keep track of how many times our videos are seen when we post three or four original vids a day on numerous hosting sites… This should help! Thanks again, Jackson!