Apple Makes Prototypes of Everything


The way Apple approaches design, it’s clear that a lot of thought goes into their products. So should we really be so surprised to hear that they have a warehouse near their Cupertino campus that they use to house and build prototypes of their Apple Stores?

There’s a fantastic article at CNN Money that explains the approach Steve Jobs takes in creating their Retail Outlet stores. The part that’s most surprising to me is that this idea wasn’t Jobs’ brainchild.

And maintaining Apple’s style of simplicity, they’ve narrowed their Store’s design materials down to Glass, Wood, and Steel. The article is really interesting, and covers everything you could want to know about these awesome stores, as well as what has propelled them to a Top American Retailer and Admired Company according to Forbes.

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Oh… I don’t find it surprising at all… Was anything ever Job’s own Brainchild???


It’s worth pointing out that Drexler (still one of the Directors on the Board) gave the suggestion to build the prototypes. Also, this warehouse prototype store has been public knowledge for almost 3 years now after Ron Johnson spilled the beans on it.

$4000/sqft is amazing though. Wish I could’ve done that when I ran a retail store.


You’re right, that’s a great article, Nick!

I’ve admired the Apple Stores, ever since I set foot in the Virginia store when it opened. They are simple, elegant, and well laid out for their purpose.

What I never knew till now is how astounding the sales per square foot figure is! That really is an incredible number, and if Dell is smart, they’ll just give up and go back home. They’ll never match it.

But this story highlights why Apple is going to take the computer industry, as well as the electronics industry, by storm. Because they sell products that are as well thought out as their stores are, and they approach the sale in a different way than their competitors do. They aren’t just selling products, they are selling themselves, too.

And it works.

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