Adobe provides more Photoshop CS3 Extended details


Photoshop CS3Not content to wait until their March 23 unveiling, Adobe has sent out an e-mail to its Photoshop users to announce “that the Photoshop family is growing!”

Today, we want to share the news that Spring 2007 will bring not just one, but two versions of Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.

The e-mail explains that Photoshop CS3 Extended “delivers everything in Photoshop CS3 and more. Render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D composites. Stop time with easy editing of motion graphics on video layers. Enrich your images with accurate measurement, analysis, and visualization tools.”

While they consider Photoshop CS3 ideal for

  • Professional Photographers
  • Serious Amateur Photographers
  • Graphic and Web Designers
  • Print Service Providers

Photoshop CS3 Extended is designed for

  • Multi-media Creative Professionals
  • Film and Video Creative Professionals
  • Graphic and Web Designers who are pushing the limits of design with 3D and motion
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Professionals
  • Scientific Research Professionals

Both applications will be available as a Universal Binary for the Macintosh platform as well as for Windows XP and Vista. Pricing and availability will be announced at the March 27 event.

Photoshop CS3 iconA comparison of the two versions is located at Coming soon: Two editions of Photoshop CS3 and those wishing to receive further updates about Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended are advised to fill out this form.

Still unknown is whether the icon for Photoshop CS3 Extended will be just as boring as that of Photoshop CS3.



I downloaded the ‘beta’ version a few months back and it’s been ok.
It is supposed to be Universal but I haven’t noticed a tremendous difference between it and CS2. My MacBook does not like transferring between Illustrator and Photoshop. PS does this interesting shading effect before the menu pallete appears. I think that effect startles the resources for a moment or two.

I did find that the ‘table of elements’ icon (and system) grows on you after awhile.

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