Yahoo India Blames Its Content Provider Webdunia For Lifting Content From Malayalam Blogger


Hell hath no fury like a blogger plagiarized: Indian bloggers created a bit of a stir after Yahoo India published recipes picked up from the Malayalam language blog of an Indian housewife. The recipes were published on Yahoo’s local language Malayalam portal. (screencaps in the post, here). Yahoo passed the buck to their local language content provider – Webdunia – and removed the recepie. Webdunia, in turn, blamed a sub-editor for the lapse, calling it an “innocent and inadvertant mistake”. Digital Inspiration had contacted Yahoo for a response, and tracked developments thereafter.
PC Mag reports that Yahoo has now apologized for the same, and intends to post an apology on its Malayalam site.
This takes me back to a point I’d made earlier about the Internet, particularly blogs, having a self-correcting mechanism. The more important issue is that of local language content: I’m sure that there is enough content around – but do the number of users justify the cost of acquiring this content? I also think Yahoo and Webdunia would have been better off offering bloggers writing in local languages credit for their work, and giving them a platform on their Malayalam portal…that way they’d be acquiring content at only the cost of someone screening the content submitted to them.
Update: CIOL got in touch with the blogger in question, who says that Yahoo hasn’t apologized. Her response here.
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